Driver’s Resting Hours are Regulated

Health and fitness are the two most important requirements for drivers before cruising behind the steering wheel, especially when they are required to complete a long car journey. Passed by the Indonesian government, regulation in relation to driver’s resting hours are included in UU No. 22 Year 2009 Chapter 90 verse 2, 3 and 4. Furthermore, UU No. 22 Year 2009 is dedicated to govern Indonesia’s Traffic and Public Transport.  

The regulation states that the maximum time-period of on-road driving is 8 hours a day. Drivers should take a 30-minute break after 4 hours of driving. And in the event where drivers must drive for 12 hours, drivers should take an hour’s rest every 4 hours.

Jusri Pulubuhu, Founder and Instructor of Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting (JDDC), says that the aforementioned law is more suitable for interstate driving. As an option, Jusri advises to take a 15 to 30-minute break after 2 hours of driving as oppose to 30-minute break after 4 hours of driving. Once arrived at the destination, drivers must take time to rest and recharge.

Jusri also adds that it is best for drivers to refrain themselves from consuming energy or caffeinated drinks to stay awake because it makes drivers feel more weary inside. If any, one cup of coffee prior to driving will do the trick,

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