Listening to Music and Smoking While Driving Could Be Fined?

Lately there has been news circulating around that drivers could be fined if they are caught listening to music or smoking while driving. Not only applicable for drivers, the regulation would also crack down online taxibikers that frequently use GPS on their phones while on the move.

Amid causing uproars among the many motorists, netizens are perplexed admitting that music and cigarettes are their best friends while commuting. Listening to music and smoking while driving may distract drivers and violate UU No. 22 Year 2009 Chapter 106 verse 1 and Chapter 283 about Traffic and Public Transport.

Chapter 106 verse 1 says that anyone driving a motorized vehicle must do so with full care and concentration. Chapter 283 adds that violators are subject to three months in jail and up to IDR 750,000 in fine.

Although the chapter does not specifically mention ‘listening to music’ and ‘smoking’ as type of violations, but it does emphasize that drivers must drive with ‘full concentration’ – which means being sick, tired, sleepy, using cellphones, watching television or video player while operating a motorized vehicle could break concentration. It also includes the consumption of alcoholic drink and medications may affect driving ability.

Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono, The Head of Jakarta Police’s Public Relation, explains that the statements revolving around the Chapter 106 and 283 have been misunderstood and needs to be clearly explained.

Listening to music and smoking can be dangerous but in the end, it depends on how we react to it. If we start to feel sleepy while behind the steering wheel, listening to music or smoking can somewhat help us to feel more awake. But, in the event where we need to drive extra carefully, music and cigarettes can be very distracting.  

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